Abstract Arena has been released on Steam!

Dear followers of our project,

after more than a year of development, Abstract Arena has finally been released on Steam!

Since the beginning, I always thought launching the game would have been our main and final goal: Steam is the biggest online market for videogames and being part of it would have given us attention and importance. Week after week, our goal kept becoming nearer until the day Abstract Arena got greenlit: our landing on Steam was a certainty! It was just amazing.

It is not just the release of a bunch of code with sprites and music tracks attached, Abstract Arena is the result of a collaboration that involved many people, bound by the common passion for game making. Noone of us ever met each other “in real life”: it has always been a matter of trust. This is the very meaning of Credici.

From the bottom of my heart come my congratulations to all of the people who helped Abstract Arena to go so far!

Our Kickstarter campaign has just been launched!

Hello everyone,

in the hope of gaining popularity and visibility we just launched our Kickstarter campaign: LINK
We think Abstract Arena could be a really appreciated game if only more people could know about it, in fact all of the revenue will be used just for marketing purposes: advertising our Greenlight campaign (LINK) or, if it is too late, as backup money for Steam Direct.

We are offering many rewards for all who believe in us enough to invest in the game’s future: multiple copies of the game (to share with your friends), the game’s official soundtrack or your name mentioned in the credits as “Producer“. The development is almost complete, it’s up to you to choose if Abstract Arena will reach Steam or not. Will you help us?

Abstract Arena joins Greenlight Goodbye Bundle

Dear followers of our project,

Abstract Arena is now featured on the latest Groupees bundle, called ‘Goodbye Greenlight‘. In this bundle you can get Abstract Arena when it comes on Steam for only $2, but you have to hurry as the deal ends in 12 days.

You can check out the bundle here: LINK

To get the game on launch you must buy the bundle now and also vote for the game on our Greenlight page, and then you’ll recieve a Steam activation key when the game is launched.

If you want the game on Steam then you can’t miss this opportunity. In the Steam-version of the game you can expect online play, achievements and a lot of bonus content!

Thanks for reading, we hope you check out the bundle!

Abstract Arena has been launched on Greenlight

In these days we launched Abstract Arena on the Greenlight service to try reaching Steam. As you may already know, Valve wants to replace Greenlight system with a newer service called Direct, so your help could be really useful to bring our project to Steam.

Please consider to vote Abstract Arena on its Greenlight page: LINK

A new demo is also available on Indiexpo, in which you can learn all of the basics of the gameplay through the tutorial. Lots of corrections and improvements have been made to polish the game in time to its complete release on Steam. You can download the latest demo following this link: LINK

A completely new trailer has just been released on our YouTube channel: LINK

Hope you like it!
Thank you very much for your support!

New contents come into Abstract Arena v1.008

Abstract Arena has come to its 1.008 version: although the game already offers a good variety of ways to play, we always think about how to enrich the game experience. We hope you have fun with this new version!

Minor additions:
bug fixes and graphics polishing,
– 3 new dynamic maps (16 in total),
– 1 new battle track (4 in total),
– countdown at the very beginning of every match,
– featured languages: Italian, English, French and Russian (new!).

Main additions:
– 6 new power ups (12 in total),
– 2 new modes: Leech and Holder (4 in total).

– Download now from: –

Indiexpo: Download from Indiexpo

Gamejolt: Download from Gamejolt

IndieDB: Download from IndieDB

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